Okay I get it now
It only took a broken right shifter and tons of headwind to help me realize it.
The sense of camaraderie is hard to explain when it comes to a randonneur event.
Cycling as much as it's an individual sport there's a sense of teamwork and hardship that you share with the the same people you see on the road that makes you understand their experience in some way.

Good start of any rides always end up with something breaking. Today? Broken right shifter.
Wasn't really that bad. I had threeish usable gears in the rear and I still had my triple in the front. Figured I would deal with it some how.
Couldn't really bother burdening people with my mechanical failure so I rode mostly on my own.
But here's the beauty of a randonneur event you never really ride on your own.
Along the way I would pick up or get picked up by great variety of people.
Got to jokingly yell at Esteban to pick up the pace which he actually did I didn't seem him on the ride again.
Got to meet Mr.Eric Norris and picked his brain about his experience with the PBP.
Got no sympathy from Chris who was riding the whole ride fixed.
Got to pick up then get dropped then pick up again Doug with his bright green
Got dropped by Gaby a numerous of times.
Got to talk to Juliayn about the wondering healing properties of whistling.
Got to see Joe B. and Will riding towards the lighthouse.
Got tons of time on the road where I got to ride basically on my own and marvel at how amazing it is to ride so far on my own.
Pretty snazzy group I feel like a better rider and a better person because I got to ride with such a awesome group.

Pictures prove that rides to nowhere and back are still pretty nice:
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