Seattle Tour - Day 8: Dovre Campgrounds to Beverly Beach State Park‎
So we wake up now stuck we what we had to do. Do we cross the "closed" road or do we go back ? We decided that "closed" road only meant for cars and not for bicycle tourist so we decided to wing it. So we get to the construction site and one of the workers tells us to our dismay that the road is closed and there was no way he could let us cross. But if we did need to cross we could always go down to the river hike a couple of yards and by pass the road. We decided to do the hiking. So here we are trying to fort across the Nestucca River our bikes halfway into the water our gear hanging off the sides, both of us have taken spills into this river. Some how we can't help but laugh about how this was going to make a funny story at the end of our trip. We take about an hour and a half to cross 100 feet. We still had to ride 60 more miles that day. Luckily we had relatively easier time getting to the coast where we were greeted with sunshine and tailwind at our backs all the way to Beverly Beach State Park. Where we meet with our first other bicycle tourist who was travelling across the country and now is riding south to north Edwardo Born ( and we also other tourist who was riding down the coast too. Two Northern ladies, Julie and Laura, Leonard who was riding down to San Diego. Let did we know that we would meet these three guys again along the way of our trip.
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