Seattle Tour - Day 6: Portland hanging out
Finally into Portland staying with my buddy Andy. He was gracious enough to allow Tommy and I to crash at his place. It was perfect time because he was actually planning to take his family bike camping trip with Kidical Mass ( He suggested that we would come along with his box bike to the start of the ride. How could we resist taking turns riding in a box bike around Portland! We get to Kidical Mass and we totally geeked out on all the bikes attached children carriers. We were wondering about a route to get from Portland to the coast, Andy suggessted that we ask his buddy Russ at Kidical Mass. Russ happened to be the same Russ from the internet famous PathLessPedaled. Cool I got to meet him. He was the main reason why I got my Olympus Pen. Didn't have much time to talk to him because he was shooting the whole Kidical Mass. But he highly recommended that we take the Nestucca River Road. Beautiful scenery and quite roads. We figured that would be perfect. We bit good bye to Kidical Mass and explored around Portland. (Russ wrote We met a couple of girls who invited us to go dancing at the local club that night. So with all of our touring gear on our bikes we rolled into downtown Portland as the cool guys that rode to the club on bikes. We had a blast and slept knowing that we would have to sadly leave Portland in the morning.
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