Seattle Tour - Day 7: Portland to Dovre Campsite
Time to part with Beautifully weird Portland. We had a blast. As a thank you we got a pinata from Alberta, filled it with candy and set it up for Andy's kids in front of his house. No visit to Portland is complete without some donuts and coffee. What better place to get donuts then the famous Voodoo Donuts. We we're actually lucky enough to find the rarely seen Voodoo Donut truck on our way out of Portland. After grabbing a dozen donuts(cycling fuel). We got our coffee from StumpTown, figured a bag of beans would last us for the rest of the trip. We ride into Cornelius' Farmer's market to have lunch. The people of Cornelius were quite friendly and helpful offering suggestions of campsites that we should stay at along the coast. One lady, Kim of Groove Gluten Free Ice Cream Sandwiches offered us some dry ice to keep our ice cream sandwiches cold. Being gulten free, I thought the ice cream sandwiches were quite good. We used the new found fuel to tackle Nestucca River Road, a beautiful gravel road that led into Dorve Campgrounds. Along the way we meet a couple on an ATV and were kind enough to asked us where we were going and suggested places to stay along the way. Before we parted ways they also told us that the road ahead of us right before the campgrounds was closed for construction.Not really wanting to back track we rode on a took our chances trying to pass this "closed" road. A couple of miles later the couple of the ATV comes back again. This time with a back of stumptown coffee, saying "I think you dropped this." The nice couple picked up the bag of coffee that dropped out of my bag and they also showed us a secret waterfall on their property. We get to the campsite Dorve not really know how we might cross the "closed" road the next day.
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