S240- Samuel P Taylor
I've said it before and I'll say it again, " When the trip starts off with a tire blow out, you know it's a good trip."
Let me start from the beginning. When I was in LA visiting a good riding buddy, Duy, the thought of finally doing a S240 at Samuel P Taylor park the week he comes up to visit sounded amazing. At first I thought it was going to be a cool ride with a good old time friend, then I realized the more the merrier. I realized I owed a bike camping trip to a handful of people who have never ridden an S240 before.
First person to call was my buddy Jesus Beltran who is an inspiring film maker and I have had the pleasure of filming a cycling video with him. I asked him along because he always wanted to film a really cool video of s240.
Next person, Sean Hipkin, new Rivendell employee. On a handful of rides he was saying how he wanted to try and do a quick overnight camp trip. He decided to bring his friend Tom and was actually able to drag Miles from the shop to come last minute.
On a whim I asked my friend Cary my pedicab co-worker in arms. Despite working pedicab for years he finally starting to cycling for recreation, so on the first group ride I organized I felt really bad that he got dropped by the handful of roadies that came along, despite getting drop he finished the ride in good spirits and had a great time. Figured if he was that patience about chasing roadie he would appreciate the pace and camaraderie of bike camping.

So the plan was set to leave late Thursday from the Embarcadero station.
Jesus just fresh off of work gets to my house with bike and box in hand. He was animate about how lucky he was to have his basket come in the mail just in time for this trip. We hastily install the basket on his bike only to realize that his brifters wouldn't shift due to the basket being in the way. Instead of removing the basket like smart people we leave it and he learned to deal with it for the day. We then realized he had a blow out in the rear, which made me laugh because we were running late on time already. Good times. We change out flat did some filming and off we went an hour late. We meet Duy on the train going to SF and we install the front rack I got from the list to his bike on bart so that he can distribute the weight on his fairly new XO-4. We meet up with everyone and we finally start our trip to Samuel P Taylor park. We took our time mostly do to Jesus wanting to film most of the riding up to the bridge. Once into Fairfax we stop at the last shopping mart to get some snacks then realize how late it was getting. We leave Fairfax late into the night as we climb up Sir Francis Drake in the dark. I hang back with Miles since he seem to be struggling not riding like this in a long time. It was inspiring listening to Miles about his three years working at Rivendell and how he got the job unexpectedly one day after his dad joking told the guys at Rivendell to hire this guy after buying his first Brooks saddle. He talked about how Rivendell was able to be one of the stable things his in life when he was going through a rough patch. I found it heartwarming that I'm not the only one that the wonderful folks at Rivendell can inspire. After the last climb on Sir Francis Drake we ride relatively blind with our lights dying out every passing hour on the road. We get to the campsite late 10 pm, hungry and tired from our ride from darkness. Bacon wrapped hotdogs filled our bellies that night and marshmallows(which melted to one big marshmallow) stayed on our lips as we slept. But in Miles case his marshmallow stained the outside of his sleeping bag when he dropped it.
Everyone slept in tents, with the exception of Miles and I who opt to sleep under the stars. Me in my hammock and him on the ground with his sleeping bag.

We were lucky enough to wake up in good weather. But kinda on a time church due to Miles heading back to work. Riding back through the dirt trail of Samuel P Taylor Jesus's rack falls from his rack and his rack and panniers fall off his behind him. A quick fix later and we ride to salsalito were the fog rolled in and made the rest of the ride wet and cold. Burgers made for a great end of the ride snack as we all part ways on BART. Not bad of a trip considering that 5 out of the 7 of the people that went had their first s240 ever.
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