Visiting With Convoy of Hope in El Salvador
In the beginning of 2011, we committed to provide 6,000 children in El Salvador with proper nutritional support through our partner Convoy of Hope. In September, we went to visit to see how adding essential vitamins and minerals into their diets has improved their quality of life.

Caregivers really appreciate how easy the proper nutritional support makes providing healthy meals to their children on a daily basis. Like many of the stories we commonly hear, proper nutrition is extremely hard to come by in El Salvador and the children suffer because of it. We’re working hard to change that. And if the happy and smiling children in this video are any indication of the job we’re doing so far in the fight against malnutrition, we can’t wait to expand our reach around the world.

We believe in the future of El Salvador’s children and we greatly appreciate our partnership with Convoy of Hope to distribute proper nutrition across the country. To learn more about MannaRelief and the work that we do, please visit us at
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