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Tomb of Nefertari, QV66, Valley of the Queens | by kairoinfo4u
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Tomb of Nefertari, QV66, Valley of the Queens

Tomb of Nefertari, burial chamber: South faces of pillar 1

God Horus- Iunmutef , identified as "Horus the Pillar of his Mother" is dressed in a white kilt over which is a splendid leopard skin, the head of the skin hangs on his chest in the form of a pendant. Horus-Iunmutef is adorned with a broad necklace, arm bands and bracelets. On his head, attached to his wig (which has a side-lock) is a golden uraeus.

The text, in six columns, is addressed to Osiris located on the east face of the same pillar. It says: "Spoken by Horus, the 'pillar of his mother' (Iunmutef). I am your beloved son, my father Osiris, I have come to greet you. Four times forever have I beaten your enemies for you. May you cause your beloved daughter, the king's great wife, mistress of the two lands, Nefertari, beloved of Mut, justified, to rest within the assembly of great gods who are in the entourage of Osiris, those whom all the lords of the sacred lands join".


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Taken on March 19, 2017