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Tomb of Nefertari, QV66, Valley of the Queens | by kairoinfo4u
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Tomb of Nefertari, QV66, Valley of the Queens

Tomb of Nefertari, the descent, upper west wall

Facing Nefertari, ready to receive her offerings, are three goddesses: Isis; her sister, Nephthys; and Ma'at. The first two are seated on chairs, whilst Ma'at kneels with outstretched wings, extended to shield the queen's cartouche, attached to which is a shen-sign.

All three goddesses have their distinctive emblems on their head, and the seated ones each hold a was-sceptre and ankh-sign.

Their usual style dresses alternate in colour, red, green and red, giving variety to the scene. Even though the wall becomes less in height at the northern end, the artist has managed to retain bodies of the same comparative size. The texts associated with each deity only provides her identity.

Behind Ma'at and separated by a vertical line, is a shortened identity of the deceased: "The king's great wife, Nefertari, beloved of Mut".


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Taken on March 19, 2017