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The tomb-chapel of Rekhmire TT100 | by kairoinfo4u
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The tomb-chapel of Rekhmire TT100

Tomb of Rekhmire

TT 100 Abd el-Qurna, Theban necropolis Luxor West-Bank

Fourth register: metal work

Two groups are represented in pairs maintaining hearth heat and melting the metal. Another group casting a large bronze item for a monumental door (both leaves shown) in a mould drilled with17 openings for filling the molten bronze into the form. This requires the team to have perfect coordination, which is confirmed by the almost military manoeuvre of the three metallurgists hurrying with hand-held tools almost like weapons


The manufacture and transport of mud-bricks are shown in the next register:

The slaves working here are "The captives that His Majesty has bought back to work in the temple of Amun". (The accompanying inscription says the workmen are prisoners of war from Nubia and Syro-Palestine, identified by their black and yellow skin color respectively) Their task is explained: "Making bricks to rebuild nine workshops of Amun in Karnak".

At the left, workers fill jars with water from a tree-lined pool. The water is added to piles of clay on the lower left.

A worker with a hoe breaks up the clay, while another kneads the moistened clay with his feet.

Baskets of wet clay are passed to brick makers above the clay preparation area. They form bricks with molds and

leave the bricks to dry in the sun. Hardened bricks are being carried off to the building project to the right.

Note the standing Egyptian taskmaster on the right wielding a rod.



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Taken on November 12, 2016