vintage magic markers

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as I was poking around - it occurred to me that I had a lot of random old markers - I figured some of the graffiti guys who like old spray paint cans might get a kick out of these -
I had always assumed magic marker was a generic term until I found these actual "magic markers"....

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  1. krstl_blu 38 months ago | reply

    Art supplies for those who can't afford spray cans. Lol. I haven't seen a "Magic Marker" in ages.

  2. TheDamnMushroom 38 months ago | reply

    Ahah, remember the El Marko markers and their mustachiod mascot.

  3. Andrew T...has left the building 38 months ago | reply

    Apparently Carter's Ink (maker of Marks-a-Lot) was acquired by Avery-Dennison in 1975; though the name was retained for quite a while after that.

  4. slyle133 38 months ago | reply

    El Marko are great old markers, I never seen those Magic Markers, and those Actions are still made like that. Marks Alot is what I grew up with.....

  5. mankatt 38 months ago | reply

    hey - Im still rounding up spray cans -are you going to find yourself near Massachusetts anytime in the near future - Ill swap these markers too - I know you said you might have a few things that may interest me......

  6. slyle133 38 months ago | reply

    Gonna try and go up for Brimfield Antique fair in the spring, had a blast there last year. I am just staying away from there till some of the snow melts. I will be sure to let you know when I am in the area again....

  7. mankatt 38 months ago | reply

    hey - that works - IM only like 45 minutes from Brimfield or so - IM going to give you a bunch of spray cans as a)they tough to ship and b) you have no idea how many my dad threw out when he cleaned out some I had put in the garage - I had some really freaky old stuff.....I still have some

  8. is gone [deleted] 38 months ago | reply

    I must be going daft as a result of vulture exposure and unidentifiable mold b/c I can't figure out how to email you (this is so sad). I a gum package for you yesterday. My friend looked at me oddly and I said "hey, someone collects them" and put it in my pocket. I can give a pic, the item, or both (I am in no way attached to it!).

  9. alistsays 38 months ago | reply

    hello pete,

    are these markers for sale ?

    how does one get into contact to arrange purchase.

  10. mankatt 38 months ago | reply

    hey - I guess they could be - you can drop me a line at

  11. slyle133 38 months ago | reply

    Hey what about me....

  12. mankatt 38 months ago | reply

    oh - you didn't seem that interested - like you had most of them already - I haven't heard back yet anyways......

  13. slyle133 38 months ago | reply

    Well one of the magic markers, the hefty and alco interst me the most. The el Marko is neat but I do have a couple of them.....

  14. tobyradloff 37 months ago | reply

    I haven't seen metal case permanent markers in years. They're all plastic now. And I haven't seen the "Magic Marker" brand of marker in years either...Binney & Smith (Crayola) made Magic Marker brand products. I also remember early Magic Marker markers once came in glass, with a metal cap holding the tip.

  15. RED GATES. 37 months ago | reply

    Magic Marker still resonates with "Kleenex"."Clorox"."Borax" "Xerox""Ski Doo" just knew automatically what it meant. many thanks to ya'll.

  16. Ron Albanese/POLKA DOT! 35 months ago | reply

    YES! I clearly remember ALL of these from elementary school and afterward ... what a trip!

  17. oilers1972 35 months ago | reply

    Magic Markers are still made and sold in England, believe it or not.

    And I still have a few of the old glass-bodied Magic Markers, some of which still work fine.

  18. Dying In Downey 19 months ago | reply

    Gotta love that vintage El Marko character

    el Marko and ? marker 1970's

  19. HiZmiester 18 months ago | reply

    very nice specimens....

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