1970s Dis-go soda cans

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    notice the first one says "Dis-Go Beer" (and in tiny letters "non-alcoholic") - and the later one says "Dis-Go Near Beer" - or maybe it was the other way around -

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    1. BACKYard Woods Explorer 81 months ago | reply

      I was unaware of the ginger ale, but I believe it.

    2. traci*s retro 81 months ago | reply

      Very cool! such retro graphics, I love them!

    3. JasonLiebig 81 months ago | reply

      Very groovy!!

    4. BACKYard Woods Explorer 81 months ago | reply

      You wouldn't say these nice things if you tasted it...

    5. 18 55 Photography 75 months ago | reply

      Found an old Uncle Toms Cabin Book. It was in Sweedish. Lost the page that tells the date and everything. but it looks really old. Very coool..nice shot.

    6. askmikee [deleted] 73 months ago | reply

      That is a great find, have never seen or heard of that brand. Funny

    7. otterphoto 73 months ago | reply

      Awesome find!!!

    8. hoodwatch 71 months ago | reply

      Looks like it may have psychedelic effects though.

    9. mankatt 71 months ago | reply

      heh - like "drinking this soda will turn you into the guy on the can"...

    10. BACKYard Woods Explorer 71 months ago | reply

      I'm sure I have one showing a girl on the can.

    11. CheshireCat666 70 months ago | reply

      Oh man that's a great can

    12. K.J.O. 66 months ago | reply

      too cool :)

    13. Christian Montone 61 months ago | reply

      Maybe the idea was DIS-"GO" because it didn't slow you down.
      Perhaps you could get it at a DIS-GO-GO-TEQUE.

    14. mankatt 61 months ago | reply

      hmm - I wonder if it was popular at the clubs - like Red Bull or something- though - I doubt it - I think if you were at a disco back in the late 70s and had one of these in your hands - it wouldn't necessarily make you "look cool"...hehe

    15. BACKYard Woods Explorer 61 months ago | reply

      I remember my uncle laughing at it when he saw a couple cans of it in my fridge.

    16. Christian Montone 61 months ago | reply

      The graphic looks more late 60s... Like one of those semi-generic graphics on a "Hot Hits Of Today" compilation.

    17. BACKYard Woods Explorer 61 months ago | reply

      It is before the disco music era. My guess is just before that (about '73-'74) All EBC cans looked dated, even then.

      They have tab tops. EBC was one of the last breweries to use the modern opener. They were also one of the last breweries to can beer. I do have to compliment them on bucking the trend toward aluminum cans. They stayed with the three piece steel into the 80's, only switching to aluminum before going out of business (about '85)

    18. tobyradloff 57 months ago | reply

      I also recall that Pittsburgh Brewing Company (brewers of Iron City Beer) held on to using steel cans until at least the late 1980's or so, as a tribute to the Pittsburgh steelworkers who made the steel used to make the cans. Today, Iron City is in aluminum cans like everyone else. Pepsi in Ohio stuck with steel cans as well until the late 80's.

    19. BACKYard Woods Explorer 57 months ago | reply

      I never thought that steel would fade away, as it was decomposible (except for the aluminum top)

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