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Land Classification Map, Virden Area in Manitoba (1938)

Land Classification Map Virden Area in Manitoba [map]. 1:190,080. In: Joseph Ellis. The soils of Manitoba. [Winnipeg]: Manitoba Economic Survey Board, 1938, sheet 4.


Professor Joseph Ellis, of the Manitoba Agricultural College and the University of

Manitoba, laid the basis for the comprehensive soils mapping of the Province of Manitoba. In 1927 he and one assistant began the systematic study and comprehensive mapping of Manitoba soils in the area west of the Red river and north of the International Boundary. He first did some very detailed mapping of small areas, but then devised a classification of land types, based on parent materials, climate and vegetation, for use at a reconnaissance scale. In this way he could prepare a map of the overall pattern of Manitoba soils, and then later do detailed mapping of selected areas. The land type classification is based on carefully chosen comprehensive factors, and from it a reader can obtain a fairly complete impression of the terrain of any area. The soils mapping of Manitoba was a major scientific accomplishment which provided a new insight into the land, and Ellis' achievement ranks with that of Hector or Upham.

(Warkentin and Ruggles. Historical Atlas of Manitoba. map 241, p. 462)


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