Great Himalayan Bike Adventures!
North Indian Himalaya with its own challenges and unique exploration of its high roads of Asia. We will start our journey from Manali, a popular travel destination and uniquely settle at lap of Rohtnag Pass. This is demanding journey through a Himalayan Kingdoms, Spiti a one of the known Tibetan culture, which gives you an opportunity to visit Tabo gompa, almost 1000 years old, with Ki monastery.
It is amazing to see how Indian Army (BRO - Border Road Organization) manages and construct roads. The ride takes you to epic scenery and hard-won over a series of 5000m passes which lead from the lush green Kullu Valley over to high altitude desert and remote and starkly beautiful mountain region of Ladakh.

Revered it as one of the most spectacular rides in the world. It crosses certainly one of the highest as Taglang La tops 5300m and ending at tiny kingdom of Leh

Dates : 1 June to 10 June 2012.
Start : Manali
Finish : Leh
Altitude : Start 2050m (Manali) / max 5350m (Taglang La) / end 3505m (Leh)
Difficulty : Long Hours of Ridding, Altitude Climb, Need Cross Passes, Rough Terrain
Road conditions : Okay kind of, sometime terrible if Road is washed out or construction is going on.
Backup Support : Jeep will be in back up for emergency and carry additional load.
Weather : Normal to Cold. Nights are cold enough; keep your down jackets handy.
Bikes : if you don't have need to rent, its easily available in Manali or Delhi.
Distance : Around 500 Kms
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