Peach and Prosecco Ice

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    Wow, I didn't even realize that the SLW theme had changed before I made my New Year's cocktail. Quite a few problems again here. The one I'm most disappointed in is how quickly condensation formed. You really lose a lot of detail wrt the bubbles on the sparkling wine. I suppose I should have done this in an airconditioned room but this is the only place where natural light is strongest. I could maybe have applied surfactant on the outside, but the only readily available one here is soap and I don't know how to make it ungreasy-looking. The shape of the scoop of peach ice is not as spherical as I would have liked, but for the hardship I went through getting it right, I'm satisfied with it.

    I would have wanted the background to be more indoorsy (party-like) but we have that problem I noted earlier regarding the amount of light available. The white on the bottom is quite jarring given the contrast. It also makes the flute lose its (uh) bottom.

    1. Lara Ferroni 88 months ago | reply

      ha - I think I have surprised people changing the theme on time for once :-)

      Condensation is funny... for some drinks you want it, and it's really hard to get... for others, you don't and then of course you have it in spades.

      You've pointed out most of what I would have... the main thing I see is that the background is too busy to show the details in the drink. Creating a small set with cardboard and either solid white or dark paper or a cloth as a backdrop would help, and you could still shoot in the same location.

      [feedback from Still Life With... theme Cheers!]

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