CHINA 1979 - Notebook
I travelled to China in 1979. I was very surprised by the silent streets while where full of cyclists (Beijing).

The extremely curiousity of the chinese people, looking at us (I was travelling with the balearic writer Baltasar Porcel and his wife); they where examinating our clothes, our shoes, to see how them where made, and following with attention our walks around.

From 1979 has passed 35 five years, but seems to have been like a century.

All of us we are seeing at tv how China is growing day to day, but there are not much photographic references to see how was in the seventies.

Pay specially attention to the photograph showing a large billboard telling "to the 2000", and examine the epic in the image.

All the best, and thanks for visiting this page.

Manel Armengol
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