Manchester Schools Football Association
Manchester Schools' Football Association was formed in 1889. Boys from the age of 11 to 18 still attending school can be selected to play. The Association arranges matches within the county and internationally.

These records were deposited by David Warburton in October 2014.

The full catalogue by University of Glasgow student Louise Neilson will be published at in due course.

These photographs were digitised by Archives+ volunteer Dan Copley and National Archives Trainee Rebecca Evans. We hope to digitise the full collection of annotated team photographs over time.

The GB127.M829 collection includes:

M829/1 Manchester Schools Football Association Records:
M829/1/1 Meetings
M829/1/2 Correspondence
M829/1/3 Administration
M829/1/4 Press
M829/1/5 Memorabilia
M829/1/6 Newsletters
M829/1/7 Scrapbooks and Albums
M829/1/8 Handbooks
M829/1/9 Correspondence
M829/1/10 Centenary
M829/1/11 Official Publications
M829/1/12 Miscellaneous Notes
M829/1/13 Photographs (not yet complete)

M829/2 English Schools' Football Association and Trophy Games Records:
M829/2/1 Finance
M829/2/2 Correspondence
M829/2/3 Administration
M829/2/4 Memorabilia
M829/2/5 Press
M829/2/6 Scrapbooks and Albums
M829/2/7 Newsletters
M829/2/8 Miscellaneous Notes
M829/12/9 Official Publications
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