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Evacuation of Children: Arriving at London Road Station, 1939

When sand bags started to appear in central Manchester, and it was apparent that war was inevitable. The headmistress at Temple Infants’ School in Cheetham, like many other schools in Manchester, received an official evacuation notice in July 1939 – to get the children into the countryside away from potential bombing as soon as possible - as Elsie Mullineux then a young teacher recalls.


Well, we all piled on to the buses ... not as many little ones, not whole classes of little ones, but the bigger ones from the school above were coming too. And there were two double-deck buses and they went down to the back of Victoria Station and we went on at platform 14. So we never went through the big front of the station we went virtually on to the platform we were leaving from at the back of Victoria Station. And when we went on to the platform there was a train on each platform edge (island platforms) and they walked along with their teacher and went into the compartments as they filled up. The organisation was really outstandingly smooth and the station staff were very helpful both for the teachers and for the children. Sort of where you go - here – six into there, six into there with the teacher, six into there. The organisation was quite amazing.

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Taken on March 1, 2006