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Montepulciano - San Biagio | by Mammaoca2008
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Montepulciano - San Biagio

Montepulciano what a beautiful city! The first time I've been to Montepulciano everything I had in mind was the song of Hooverphonic ... which also has nothing to do with the Tuscan town. I remember that I had parked my car in the "low" parking: bad idea if you have two strollers! In the end I was crazy tired, I had not understood the town and I was also angry and hungry. Luckily I went back three more times, I was gradually losing the strollers and I began to appreciate the incredible nature of this wonderful town. The medieval urban layout is precisely of the fifteenth century. Montepulciano is built so to speak, around the tip of a hill, and so it can be reached either from above, or from below, but, in any direction, it follows that the streets are narrow and the houses tall ... there is little light in Montepulciano and maybe that's what makes it suitable for a town of vampires ... not everyone knows that the famous scenes of Volterra in New Moon actually were shot in Montepulciano. According to local gossip aesthetics has little to do with the choice ... seems that the municipal authorities of Volterra did not like the idea of the occupation by the film crew, who for the time of the shooting, would have disturbed the regular city traffic. So the producers have turned to Montepulciano, which, even imagining the interesting tourist impact, did not need asking twice. In fact Montepulciano with its narrow streets, many underground, the little light is suitable for vampire stories ... the basements must be said, are mostly used as wineries in Montepulciano because they produce an excellent wine ... not to mention the excellent food ... the only real danger in this beautiful city, is to take a few pounds and spend all your left money in beautiful handmade really beautiful leather shoes and bags that they sell and which have very competitive prices. Another danger is to slip on these streets so steep, one wonders how the bus driver manages the job (of course they have mini-buses). There is also a yearly race, in which the contestants must travel through the city pushing a barrel weighing 80 kg. for about 2 km. and these riders are true athletes usually provided by other disciplines ... I can not imagine myself making such a feat. One of these leather crafter, just to go back to movies, provides large books and leather notebooks at Harry Potter himself :-). In town, the architectural monuments can be visited, and all the buildings are of great value, but the one I like most is the beautiful church of San Biagio designed by Antonio da Sangallo, just outside the city walls. Wonderful! What geometry and balance. The plan is taken from Filippo Brunelleschi's works, and was also used for the original design by Bramante and Michelangelo for St. Peter's Basilica. And of course do not forget the poet Agnolo Poliziano, as the name says, a native of Montepulciano. I left my small contribution to Origami for the people.


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Taken on November 5, 2010