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Manuel -color version

At the time I made this image (2005) things were starting to heat up in Nuevo Laredo. After local police where found to be on the take with local drug lords, federal police where now in charge of law and order and most of the local police where under their control or had been relieved of their guns.


There had been over 100 drug related deaths in the year previous and though tourist still crossed the border, it was not the safest place to be as shootings between police and drug gangs where now taking place during the day and nighttime was even worse.


We stopped by a local church (I took my father-in-law guide who speaks way better Spanish then I do) where individuals had just come back from U.S. Immigration after failed attempts to cross over to the United States.


The church was feeding the and clothing these individuals outside in the court yard of the church. We could talk only one of these gents into letting us take his photograph. He said his name was Manuel and he had made it all the way to Kansas before being caught.


He was getting ready to make another attempt to leave Mexico later that day.


See B+W version here - -


1952 Pacemaker Speed Graphic with Schneider Symmar-S 135mm 5.6


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Taken on April 16, 2007