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Do simple things really well

Now, another thing that we’re wholeheartedly embracing in Skype is the “Simple” mantra. Since we don’t have our competitors’ manpower and we probably never will have, we need to be selective about what to do, do it in the most scaled down way possible, release it... and reiterate.

This means you have to defend your product from projects that mean quick wins but long term losses. Defocusing is dangerous. Skype is a voice application, and that’s

how it’s staying. 37signals says that the default answer is “NO”. I would personally add a “fucking way” to that, but again, that’s just me being me.

Get into the mindset of stand your ground, because if you don’t, noone else will. Every impactful thing you’ll ever do is a slippery slope... be it a negative or a positive one, but it will have multiplication built-in.

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Taken in June 2005