• Dplanet, that hipster that got you into parties
  • ribot that active, geeky guy, in love with MsPants
  • stii that guy who always had his head down in class, working. Smelt a bit like aniseed, but u could never place it...
  • strandloper that big, quiet, serious guy that had it all figured out, unbeknownst to the rest of the class. also used to break up fights at recess
  • TheHyrax the vicious goth girl who beat up boys
  • habit47 that guy who laughed a lot and never studied in class. but then got better marks than you
  • EveD the stern girl, competing with Mandyldewaal
  • teamyacht that guy with the friends outside of school
  • MsPants, that bubbly talkative high-school sweetheart (with Ribot)
  • law7355 the token tall guy with the red hair that got into that serious fight once
  • Mat that shy guy who kept pining about the ex
  • shaunoakes, that weird kid in High School, who everyone avoided but was nice to at the same time, for fear of him coming to the classroom one day and shooting off chunks of everyone with his Uncle's shotgun
  • Amabacha, the new kid... from the other suburb, takes the bus to school (remember him?)
  • mariuswium that scruffy guy with the jokes about the teacher, and always wanted to swap sandwiches at recess
  • Tancott the geek
  • mariomorgan that extrovert who couldn't keep still
  • cherie_smith the girl that nobody remembers at class re-unions
  • G_Masta, that "approachable guy" who always sang too loud at choir
  • MandyLdeWaal the loud brainy girl
  • elbowdonkey that quiet, intellectual guy you never got to know properly and was good at cricket

My Twitter Class of '08

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Following a Twitter stream is like being in a high school classroom. You get the bullies, the geeks, the egomaniac, the comedian, the shy guy, the bitch, the idiot, the "sweetheart" couple, the know-all, the old guy etc. They're all there...

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  1. gueber$nb87 73 months ago | reply

    so interesting

  2. anidjai 73 months ago | reply

    This is awesome

  3. tsevis 72 months ago | reply

    Really cool illustration! Congrats!

    Take a look at my Twitter illustration here:

    Twit... Twit... Twitter (Illustration for RAM magazine)

  4. postoditacco 71 months ago | reply

    Great idea! :D

  5. emily ✭ brigid 70 months ago | reply

    hahaha great idea!

  6. Lucy Alice Photography 67 months ago | reply


  7. Emmanuel Gadenne 67 months ago | reply

    Yes ! Very great job. Bravo !

  8. laRuth 67 months ago | reply

    Great pic! I'm planning on using it at a Girl Geek talk (which will eventually be up at www.slideshare.net/RuthEllison.

  9. Always at Home 63 months ago | reply

    I loved this photo and it appeared on my Zemanta sidebar. I used it for a blog post and thought afterward I should have asked you. I will remove it if you would like.



  10. Renata Diem 59 months ago | reply

    Very interesting ;)

  11. brimfulof 51 months ago | reply

    Great image, thanks for making it CC. I've used it on my blog here (all properly attributed): Student voice through Twitter

  12. camzgonzales15 31 months ago | reply

    Hi guys! Kindly follow this @camzgonzales15 thanks!

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