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Santa Claws

milo reads some books super kitten i'll take care of you I think you've got something there behind your right molar. sour puss hold on, you've got just a little more food stuck right here i love milo's butt You are getting sleepy... I'll play you like an instrument, you dirty little feather toy! little and big milo watches the sunset from the window Presenting His Royal Highness King Milo the First! green eyes pink paw pads Ball of String big eyes the yin and the yang This is the very first photo shoot I did of Milo's jumps. under the bed Santa Claws

Milo is my cat. His buddies are Nala, Simone, On'e and Zumi. He's a playa.

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Birdie8769 says:

You have really cute cats! And your Milo looks alot like my Milo but my Milo is only 6 months old!
My Milo is the one that stirred up all the drama! LOL Thank god he is off her photostream!
Cute Boy!
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Da Nator says:

I came here by way of cuteoverload, and I must say your photos are very entertaining. Milo is clearly a prince among cats, and his friends are no slouches, either. Kudos!
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leo818lion says:

I absolutely love Milo. He and his friends are entertaining and priceless. Well done.
Posted ages ago. ( permalink )

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Bố mày là Linh Bợm thế đã đc chưa says:

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