Epic Double Helix Fail

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Digging through the archives. This was from quite some while back.

The plan was, we'd switch off the lights and trace a double helix. We being me on camera and gr8rthanu and his brother on lights. Simple enough, or so we thought.

Epic Fail.

Although here's something interesting for you: if you look closely at this pic you can make out many letters in the English alphabet. Have fun imagining you see disturbing things like what I saw ^_^


I finally got into AN university: The National Uiversity Of Singapore (NUS) to be exact. Regrettably I missed the cutoff for Medicine by 2.5 points but did wualify for Biomed. I've been hearing that if you do really well in Sem 1 you can transfer into med so there's still hope. I've more or less decided to go to Singapore regardless. Wish me luck =|


I'll be getting back to the bokeh project soon. Also, decided my next photog-related purchase will not be a film camera and lenses, but rather something I've coveted for quite some time now: the AF-S Nikkor 105mm f/2.8 VR Micro

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  1. sharaff 72 months ago | reply

    lets see, i m gonna try

  2. shuai8 72 months ago | reply

    gud luck and a wounderful peace of work

  3. thasneem2008 72 months ago | reply

    really coool...welldone!!

  4. Bembe .. 72 months ago | reply

    bella foto ..

  5. isRough Meztapha 72 months ago | reply

    Great shot dude... Great idea...

  6. ahadx 71 months ago | reply

    nice! 0__0

  7. buckyishungry 71 months ago | reply

    haha credit for the idea goes to my cuz but thanks!
    thanks man =D

  8. ukaaa 71 months ago | reply

    Haha, nice double helix ummm :D

  9. dacookieman 71 months ago | reply

    The 105VR is so sharp i cut myself sometimes while shooting with it! haha, check out my macros, mostly shoot with it.

  10. buckyishungry 71 months ago | reply

    haha. will do man. altho with the recent price hike i dunno if i can afford it now

  11. Gr8rthanu 71 months ago | reply

    ekkala dhuvahu dho... ran out of stuff to upload wise guy?

  12. buckyishungry 71 months ago | reply

    totally run outta stuff =(

  13. andrelvas 71 months ago | reply

    liked your stuff here.

    hope to got your feedback about my stuff...

    what kind of canabis smoke is this one? special shit!!! jejeje

    just kiding...

    great stuff here

  14. nhilmy 67 months ago | reply

    You've got an amazing photo stream dude. Am slowly going through it... inspiring stuff!

    ps. 105mm macro is totally worth it. Apart from the Bokeh and sharpness its handling is silky smooth.

  15. buckyishungry 67 months ago | reply

    hey thanks a lot! naaaaww its not that good heheh.

    anyway yeah i love the 105 macro: tried it out after borrowing it from a friend. have yet to collect enough money to afford my own one though =\

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