Gilligans Port Barton
These are some pics and videos of our holiday home in Port Barton Palawan. We called it Gilligans, coz when we bought the home, there were no phones, no lights, and no motor cars, not a single luxury, just like the TV show about the seven castaways, but we've made some improvements since then. Gilligans is available for rent and you can find our website at where you'll find our contact details. We'd be happy to send you some FAQ and Information sheets. Gilligans is in a remote and totally unspoiled area of the Philippines. Our home has 3 bedrooms and 2 ensuite bathrooms. We can sleep 6 to 8 comfortably and we have extra beds available should our guests like to squeeze in some extra bodies. The view from our front patio is stunning! You can spend hours staring out over the crystal clear waters to the islands nearby. Gilligans has no neighbours along the beach for 300 metres and our own semi private beach is 185 metres long and the home is set on 2 acres with 100 towering coconut trees giving the home a real 'tropical' feeling. Our caretakers are happy to provide freshly cut coconut juice every day if you like, to make you feel refreshed and energised. For a little exercise you can take our kayaks, paddle boats or Stand up Paddle Boards to explore the nearby village, coastline and waterfalls, or spend some leisure time in our hammocks, or spend some time in our 2 new beachfront Cabanas, or relax day and night in the quaint 'Love Shack' which is a small beachfront cottage on our property. We can provide all of the meals or you can cook your own food in our new large kitchen at Gilligans. By the way, there's no traffic at Gilligans, no cars at all, and you really won't believe your eyes when you arrive here at the beauty of the surroundings.
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