World Trade Center, pre-2001
In the mid-'90s, my then boyfriend and I took a bunch of pictures of the World Trade Center for an assignment. Some were from the rooftops of buildings, some from the Circle Line or the Staten Island Ferry, some from across the river in Brooklyn Heights. Little did we know that these photos would become our own memorial. These photos used to be on my personal site, but then they got say...abused, bringing down the server, and all kinds of nasties. So I took them down.

With the 5 year anniversary of 9/11 I thought I'd bring them back to life here, just as a reminder of how much a part of the New York landscape it was.

These were taken with a Hasselblad in 4x5 format or with a Konica Autoreflex T (!), and scanned to PhotoCD. Geez, those were the days.
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