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Arnie IV & V Fuffalump

Arnie IV & V Fuffalump Rosie III Fuffalump Chamberlain completed 20110922 owl Remi the Rabbit II remi the rabbit platypus fuffalump tinkerlicious fuffalump tinkerlicious fuffalump 2nd stressy dog toy satisfied customer will will blinky screaming bert latte bunny pinky (unfinished project #5) sydney devin and turtle mmmm...this table taste good

All these fuffalumps have found new friends and new homes. Although each fuffalump is one of a kinds i might be able to do create a cousin. E-mail me for more information on a specific fuffalump.
- jen

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telgip says:

So cute! Like their beautiful eyes and funny teeth!
Posted ages ago. ( permalink )

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Krista M (Balance Photography) says:

These are hilarious, unique and original!
My kids would love 'em!
Posted ages ago. ( permalink )

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