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day 249 talk story | by Makena G
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day 249 talk story

So long story short, on the first couple of hours that my bffs (i have many) are back in Maui (anna and kate) they come over to our condo and we hang out and take photos. The field is, of course, one of my favorite places to take photos, but we sorta dragged our butts getting out of the house, and by the time we got outside, the light was fading fast, and it was getting dark. We walked along the beach, and weren't wearing shoes when we walked to the 'field' and so yeah. All of our feet hurt, and by the time we realized we had to eventually walk back THROUGH the field to get out of it, our feet were even more pain (thorns, sharp branches in the ground and nighttime and no shoes, SHOULD NOT MIX) it wasn't fun. I used my tripod case as a shoe. hahaha. But still, we made it out alive, and that should count for something yes?


The sad thing is, we were so distracted by the fact that we were barefoot, that we didn't get any good photos, plus the light sucked.


I love these girls, and they will be here for the next 8 days, i'm excited. Today was a perfect day, and I even have a polaroid to prove it.


ps i took 6 frames with the black and white film camera that i'm borrowing right now. i know that 2 of the shots will be blurry/won't turn out. but hopefully the 4 that i took specially with metering etc will turn out nice. i have now taken 13 photos on that roll.

raven has like 3 disposables that need to be processed, maybe we will do that tomorrow, along with my roll from a couple of days ago.

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Taken on September 6, 2010