Thank you, anonymous donor.

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    We've had a hell of a week.

    My wife and model (above) gets a blood transfusion following a complication requiring a second procedure. Following this lousy event, the recovery didn't go as it was supposed to, consequently having to return to the hospital for further attention. The cumulative loss of blood left her extremely fatigued and her blood pressure uncomfortably low, necessitating the infusion of additional red blood cells. We're home now, and she's on orders to rest for a few days, and she's expected to make a full recovery.

    We'd like to thank anyone who donates blood, as someone's generosity has immensely helped her recovery. We are deeply grateful to you, anonymous donor.

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    1. #13 enjoyed his stay [deleted] 71 months ago | reply

      a good perspective, a good approach to making this photo. a less inspired approach would have been to focus in on your wife, or even teh other end of the IV. but this way we get a more complete story with less obvious visual cues. does that make sense?

      that ramble aside, i hope this photo represents a temporary state and that she is home and feeling better soon (if not already).

    2. makelessnoise 71 months ago | reply

      J - Thank you. Yes, we're home now. (I'll update the caption to mention that) She'll be just fine.

    3. KickButtMommy 71 months ago | reply

      This photo is so poignant. I want to reach inside it and hug her!

      I love your perspective on the blood donation. They may seem like small things to us, taking an hour of our time every 6 weeks, but when one sees this it makes it all worth it.

    4. SoPhast 71 months ago | reply

      Hope your resting well....

    5. Mom of the Toot 71 months ago | reply

      I am doing MUCH better, thank you.

    6. loiswade42 49 months ago | reply

      It's been nearly two years since this pic was taken... but it remains a potent reason to donate. Because you had shared it publicly, I used it for an article on wikiHow about Donating Blood. You can see it here...

      Thanks for sharing this!

    7. postgirl2010 47 months ago | reply

      Hi there. I am doing a presentation and found your photo through a search for images that are licensed through creative commons. I want to make sure that it is OK with you that I use your image. It is for the staff at the college where I work on the subject of environmental/social responsibility. If you agree, can you please email me at Also, I would like to reference your name in the presentation. Thanks - Jenny

    8. kochany57 42 months ago | reply

      Hello. I hope all is well with your family. I am creating a course on Transfusion Safety for nurses at Hanover Hospital, Hanover, PA. May I usae this image. If you agree, please email me at If you give me your name, I will crdit you specifically, otherwise I will use the photo's Creative Commons URL.

      I am a Blood Bank techonolgist and prepare blood transfusions for patients. I hope you won't mind if I say that this is a beautiful photo. In the Blood Bank we handle the donor blood all day long, but seeing a patient and the donor's life-force together in one image is very powerful.

    9. makelessnoise 42 months ago | reply

      Koch - Sent you an email. Thanks for asking!

    10. makelessnoise 42 months ago | reply

      Postgirl - Thank you, too.

    11. g0han321 22 months ago | reply

      Hello! I was doing a search for Creative Commons licensed photos, and I came across this one. I'd like to use it if you approve. It's for a blog post on the subject of Jehovah's Witnesses and refusing blood transfusions. It's been very difficult to find a well-composed picture with someone actually receiving a transfusion! In the post I would credit you and link to this page (or I could do something else if you like). You can email me at zeromh [at] gmail .com


    12. 9 months ago | reply

      Greetings from! We featured your photo on a recent story about blood donations for the recent SFO crash victims. Please check it out here:

      Thank you for the great photo and your generous Creative Commons license!

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