Venus and Me

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    That's me looking through my telescope at Venus. Viewing site just east of Flagstaff, Arizona.

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    1. bizzlenj ages ago | reply

      Nice shot!

    2. Foto Blitz Color ages ago | reply

      This is gorgeous. I love the transformation from light to dark.

      The World Through My Eyes

    3. janinehealy ages ago | reply

      Wow stunning shot, love the silouhette! Well done!
      Janine xx

    4. Photosensitive ages ago | reply

      Terrific shot, lovely colours and atmosphere (no pun intended). Just a suggestion - I think it would have more impact if you cropped the top third.

    5. Reshma Beeranthbail ages ago | reply

      lovely colors! 123

    6. EBCanon ages ago | reply

      ** This was voted a hit from Hit, Miss or Maybe **

    7. CSat ages ago | reply

      ** This was voted a HIT from Hit, Miss or Maybe **

    8. Mabar ages ago | reply

      Great, glowing sky.
      I love the silouette too.

    9. inklake ages ago | reply

      Wonderful shot. So cool that you're looking through a telescope at Venus. Ties the beauty of the shot and sunset to a story about the sky. Fave. 123.

      p.s. please, no crop. The shot's about the night sky! Great to see as much as possible.

    10. makelessnoise ages ago | reply

      Thanks for all the nice comments, folks.

      Photosens & inklake: I confess I really like the transition from black on the bottom back to black on the top. Cropping is not something I had considered, and I did give it some thought - but decided I still like it uncropped.
      Thanks for the suggestion, though! Photography is a very subjective hobby.

    11. Greg-O-Ree ages ago | reply

      Just to let you know. I have nominated you, using this picture, for a pro account sponsorship, on the group.

      Here is what I wrote:

      I nominate "makelessnoise" for sponsorship:
      Venus and Me

      After looking at Brian's photos, I find his vision in photography inspiring. He has an eye for interesting composition and a willingness to share his vision with us.

    12. Space Ritual ages ago | reply did i miss your astro set?
      maybe cause i'm doing this from work(shhh) and am hopping back and forth.
      is that a maksutov design?

    13. makelessnoise ages ago | reply

      Space - It is a little mak-cass. I've been coveting a 150mm apo lately, though. But then I'll need a better mount, then a laptop and a CCD and BAM I'm into it $15k to $20K. Still trying to figure out how to swing that. ;)

    14. Space Ritual ages ago | reply

      you'll have to introduce wells fargo to smith and weston

    15. Darien Chin ages ago | reply

      I love the mood in this shot. The 2 small stars are an added bonus.

    16. makelessnoise ages ago | reply

      Thanks, Knotty. The star on the right edge is actually the planet Venus. I'm very pleased you approve.

    17. On Being 93 months ago | reply


      Thanks so much for making this beautiful photo available through Creative Commons licensing. I'm a web producer for a national public radio program, and I recently used this photo in the website for our program with Mary Doria Russell.

      Much of the program discusses Russell's science fiction writing, and I thought this image captured the mood of that aspect of the show. You can see it on our website here:

      Andy Dayton
      Associate Web Producer, Speaking of Faith

    18. makelessnoise 93 months ago | reply

      Andy - I'm a huge NPR fan and I donate and volunteer every year to my local broadcaster, KUER, which airs Speaking of Faith on Sundays. I'm flattered that you could use my image!

    19. BBC Things To Do 59 months ago | reply

      Hi Brian,

      This is such a great photo, we would like to use it for an activity under our Stargazing LIVE project on Things To Do, the BBC's free activity finder website. We would of course credit you for the photo and the credit would link back to this page.

      Do let us know if you'd be happy to share.

      The BBC Things To Do Team
      BBC Things To Do

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