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121/365 I just want to see the light | by just_makayla
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121/365 I just want to see the light

Dear Makayla,

Today should have been a wake up call to you and hopefully it was. He barely grabbed your hand as you held it tight. You put your hand on his waist to say good bye, he stares at it blankly. You quickly pull it away. It will be a week until you will see him again. You wanted to make it a somewhat momentous 'good bye for now' but apparently it’s “not a big deal” to him that we won’t see each other for a week. And perhaps he’s right. But really, you know he’s wrong. Because in this week, girl, you are going to change so much. By the time he gets back, he won’t know what hit him. It’s time you get your life back in order. And if he doesn’t like it, then that’s no one’s loss but his own.


This is day one; day one of the journey without him.



Your mind


Today is probably the last time I see Gary until next weekend. He doesn’t care. Clearly he doesn’t. It’s whatever. This week will be great.

I will be writing to myself in my description until Gary comes back, so get ready for it.


I spent the day with Nickie. He always turns my day around. We always have a fun time even if we just sit in a slide and talk for 45 minutes. Thank you, Nickie for making today quite wonderful and reminding me what happiness feels like :)


I dun like this picture :(

P.S. Nickie’s picture is a billion times better than mine. Go check out his stream (he’s tagged)


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Taken on June 11, 2010