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As seen as the Samsung booth at CES 2012

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  1. shockdesign_au 28 months ago | reply

    Looking at it, it's a transparent Samsung display (www.geeky-gadgets.com/samsung-22-inch-transparent-lcd-dis...) which was demonstrated running Windows (as the above video shows) running a weather widget not produced by them (and most probably is the Yahoo widget weather app).

    Edit: Actually it looks like it is the Yahoo Weather Widget (widgets.yahoo.com/widgets/yahoo-weather)

    Wow.. fanboys are taking this a little too far?

  2. brianashe 28 months ago | reply

    I came here, like many others, from a link poking fun at their use of the Apple-esque weather widget, but DAMN this is cool. Can't wait.

  3. ericmacx 28 months ago | reply

    NO! Not possible! Samsung never copied anything Apple did! You are wrong!


  4. Oletros 28 months ago | reply

    So, an awesome product shows a Yahoo widget and the headline is Samsung ripping off Apple?

  5. lypanov 28 months ago | reply

    Apple fanbois and Apple haters are just flip sides of the sane coin. You're both filled with bias and unable to see the truth in both sides of the argument.

  6. unigolyn 28 months ago | reply

    Oh for the love of God, this is getting ridiculous. It looks like a goddamn weather widget. You know, like the thing that's shipped with every Windows 7 PC, and looks kinda like the weather widget that Apple ripped off from Konfabulator?

  7. unigolyn 28 months ago | reply

    Yeah, I'm having flashbacks to Konfabulator too. You know, those horrible idea thieves who developed a time machine so they could go into the future and steal features from OS X 10.4 before 10.4 ever launched.

  8. unigolyn 28 months ago | reply

    I'm not an Apple hater. I love my iPod touch and i loved my iBook when I had one. What I am is sane. There is no truth in the argument that this weather widget rips off iOS. It's just part of the Gruber-helmed hate campaign against Samsung because the Blessed AAPL is suing them on ridiculous look and feel claims. Samsung phones are similar (not identical) to Apple phones because the form factor requires it. Apple can't lay claim to "black, rounded rectangle that's mostly screen" any more than whoever invented the scroll wheel on mice can lay claim to that innovation. The iPhone-esque form factor is clearly the best way to do a touch screen phone, which is why Samsung uses it.

  9. MattMaber [aka Somefool] 28 months ago | reply

    shame the UI is so clunky (asides from the obvious Apple cloned weather)

  10. complexlee 28 months ago | reply

    The interesting thing is all the examples you posted look remarkably different in design to the Samsung except for maybe the Yahoo, which makes the case that it is possible to do a different design for your weather widget, yet Samsung again magically come up with something more similar to Apples!!
    Now I don't know if they have like minded designers, this could just be a coincidence but certainly some of their phone packaging and headphone design decisions are nothing but rip-offs, yeah everyone makes white ear buds now, but with the same shape and a grey band around the bottom, doesn't take a rocket scientist to work it out!

  11. dysfnctnl 28 months ago | reply

    @elboy0712: Darwin had empirical evidence. What do you have?

  12. anthonyjhicks 28 months ago | reply

    actually, there was innovation before Apple and that weather app looks very much the very pre-iOS Yahoo Widgets (formerly Konfabulator) weather widget.

  13. littlebluebro 28 months ago | reply

    "Build a miniature city, put it outside the window, tell them it's far away. It'll look real if you squint. God knows they're squinters. What do you think, Dad? A whole, tiny town."

  14. Article19 28 months ago | reply

    is it not possible for anything to be posted with out a bunch of Apple/Gruber ass kissers showing up bitching about something or other.

  15. iChris 28 months ago | reply

    I agree that there was innovation before Apple made a widget. But if you're a company that is constantly being accused of copying Apple, wouldn't you go out of your way to try not to look like you're cloning them?

    I just said it looks familiar. That's all. Not saying Apple was first. Not saying Apple doesn't copy/steal either.


  16. Oletros 28 months ago | reply

    Why read the thread when you can bash and look silly?

  17. SILen(e 28 months ago | reply

    Because the Mac OS X Dashboard widget may have cloned the Konfabulator widget and slightly changed its design, but THIS widget looks much more like the Mac OS X widget than the Konfabulator one.

  18. AbhD 28 months ago | reply

    Apple copied its Weather gadget from Konfabulator’s widget. That came before the dashboard

  19. AbhD 28 months ago | reply

    Nice how Apple, has blatantly ripped off Android's Notification bar
    Have they no shame? how iRonic is that you Hypocrite

  20. 52nd Studio 26 months ago | reply

    Why are so many iSheep commenting on a Major Nelson video?

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