• If you cheat, your Gamercard will have this section added and you'll lose the points you cheated with

What a cheater looks like

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For more details on this, check out my post here:


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  1. jes928 85 months ago | reply

    That's awesome

  2. ErneX 85 months ago | reply

    I approve these measures!

  3. mvern78 85 months ago | reply

    Cheaters should be cracked down on they makes decent hard working players look bad - Way to go XBL team.

  4. Kyle Mahaney 85 months ago | reply

    Looks good, we can finally get all those cheaters out and let our legitimate work shine.

  5. tom harding 85 months ago | reply

    They shouldu se this logic on criminals in general. Great stuff!

  6. kylem42 85 months ago | reply

    Well done! It's good to know something is being done. Everyone keep using feedback!

  7. kaizersozey83 [deleted] 85 months ago | reply

    can i just have my gamertag say these without cheating? I love!

  8. chrisfurniss 85 months ago | reply

    harsh and fitting!

  9. 2years 85 months ago | reply

    this kicks much ass.

  10. John Mundy 85 months ago | reply

    So happy about this...I work hard for my points!

  11. BravoOscarEcho 85 months ago | reply

    ...and we're supposed to believe what by this?...

  12. Trachalio 85 months ago | reply

    No offense man, but I'm not sure that Major Nelson's flickr photostream is the appropriate forum for reporting Halo 3 cheating. He's the Programming Director for Xbox Live and has nothing to do with Bungie or their game Halo 3. Try contacting Bungie directly from their website instead.

  13. levonhelmet 72 months ago | reply

    who even cares how many gamer points you have? im going to cheat just so i can have the i cheated thingy.that is too funny!...maybe microshite should spend some time figuring how to move your gamer points from one identity to another. as in when you register to xbox live and cant use your oringinal handle so you make a new identity and have zero gamer points? so your supposed to go through and play all those games again to get all your points back so some nerd on live can think hey he is really keen cause he has lots of points? give yer heads a shake...what a joke.i get kicked from games because these dweebs think i have no gamer points and they hate it when i kick there asses at the game were playin.the whole thing is retarded...and yeah this is my real xbox live name by the way...i'll meet you in liberty city and smoke your ass with my measly 100 gamer points...meanwhile i have finished the entire game on my other identity...

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