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    Means 'Youth' in some languages - the name of a giant communist-era residential development in Sofia. One of several, and a 'better' one, many believe. Looks even less ugly in warm sunset light against a very dark stormy sky... and a rainbow :)

    Youth - is also a life stage. Did I mention I've been there?..

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    1. Мaistora 34 months ago | reply

      Thanks, everyone!

      I'm afraid I might have signs of schizophrenia: part of me has 'been there and done that' many moons ago, and another part... is still there :)

      This city is among the less exotic to me - the title of John Mayer's latest album applies here... But then, to me Alaska would be a lot more exotic :)

    2. Steve-h 34 months ago | reply

      fabulous !!

    3. Chris C. Crowley 34 months ago | reply

      Excellent shot! Not exotic, but certainly more fun than your own back yard!

    4. msdonnalee 34 months ago | reply

      excellent light ...really does make that old relic glow with appeal against the gray sky...did someone say "youth?" i think i remember it, but i'm not sure. :)

    5. Canadapt 34 months ago | reply

      I was so much older then ... I'm younger than that now. Great shot!

    6. garcova 34 months ago | reply

      Woow ! A very different rainbow...))

    7. Мaistora 34 months ago | reply

      The funny thing is, this actually WAS my backyard - for about 2 years at the mentioned life stage :) It seemed exotic at the time, as a newly built area on (what were) the outskirts of the capital. It's exotic in a different way now, to a (sadly, infrequent) visitor from far away...

    8. elena_photos 34 months ago | reply

      like in Moscow..

    9. Manefa(Манефа) 34 months ago | reply

      such a special architecture :-) so nice to see rainbow in Sofia :-)

    10. s0ulsurfing 34 months ago | reply

      you've actually managed to 'polish the turd' as the expression goes :) not calling your old home a turd, hopefully you get the menaing :)

    11. henrhyde (gill) been away 34 months ago | reply

      Well presented -good detail .
      Important memories.

    12. Мaistora 34 months ago | reply

      No wonder it looks like Moscow: in the 60-s and 70-s the government widely copied the Soviet model of prefabricated, affordable housing 'for the masses'. The nearer prefab apartment block is typical of that bland architecture. Usually 6-8 stories high but often very long (and popularly called 'Chinese wall' for that), they could easily be confused with the one next to them or a carbon copy in another part of town.

      Only in the late 70-s some architectural 'individualism' started to emerge, breaking the box-like rectangular shapes or at least decorating their facades differently. The tower in this picture is a typical attempt to be creative with concrete, our own (not too bad) example of the 'brutalist' style of the period. Not too brutal, this design tries to mimic the silhouette of traditional local small houses, with their slanted roofs (minus the red tiles - but in some cases there were even terracotta-coloured concrete roofs), and with the protruding /'hanging' upper floors, very typical for the Balkans...

      It was actually not too bad design for mass architecture and it wasn't very 'mass' - this is one of 2 towers that were considered 'upmarket' and even 'luxury' at the time. Today's pity look is more the result of poor maintenance and neglect, than bad design.

      I did try to 'polish that turd' in a derivative image, using Topaz Simplify to give it a 'painterly look:


    13. PeteHuu 34 months ago | reply

      wow, amazing beauty capture my friend

    14. Sabinche 34 months ago | reply

      you have captured the rainbow very nicely.

    15. busb 34 months ago | reply

      A great photo of a less than elegant building!

    16. *Glaukopis* 34 months ago | reply

      wonderful city landscape!

    17. s0ulsurfing 34 months ago | reply

      i actually really like that painterly one

    18. joni mitchell 34 months ago | reply

      Fascinated by the building (I like the first), and especially your description.

    19. Ivo Stanchev 31 months ago | reply

      ...i vsichko si e po staromu...

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