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What exactly is this monstrosity? Why, my attempt at a realistic starfighter, of course. I'll be taking more pictures, to include loadout and description shots soon. In the meantime, here's the unnecessarily long backstory:


“Good morning ladies and Gentlemen. You’re here because the Space Corps has determined you have a need to be read-in to the “HAVE SHIVER” program. I don’t need to remind you of the extreme sensitivity of this information.


“Project HAVE SHIVER was borne out of an operational need for a maneuverable, autonomous manned space fighter-interceptor to act as an additional line of defense to orbital installations and mobile cruisers. As you know, the Coalition has become adept at jamming our data link connections with long range defensive drones, all too often rendering our shorter range secondary defenses the only ones available. A manned fighter can operate 100% autonomous if need be.


“More than simply being autonomous, this fighter needs to be maneuverable. You know all too well the shortcomings of our only other attempt at a space “fighter,” the SF-7, which is enormously overweight, underpowered, and on the whole, not very adept at maneuvering. The coalition’s defenses are based heavily around kinetic weapons, which are highly effective against our current equipment. However, a lightweight fighter, so long as it detects the incoming projectile, could easily sidestep it.


“The primary weapon for Project HAVE SHIVER is a modified version of the MIM-21 Configurable Munitions Delivery Platform, colloquially known as the “Boom Box.” The most common loadouts for HAVE SHIVER intercept- or space-superiority missions are flash-expansion or radial flak configuration, employed under a shoot-look-shoot philosophy. These tend to offer the greatest probability of kill against the volleyed-saturation-style weaponry the Coalition prefers, while still maintaining a recommit capability.


“The potential for expansion of HAVE SHIVER’s mission was quickly realized, and fortunately provided for in its modularity of design. Testing is underway for employment of GKU-59 and -63 Guided Kinetic Units, and a modified T28u railgun. Additionally, last week’s raid on the Elger facility was HAVE SHIVER’s first operational delivery of a W-98 low-yield penetrator nuke. Not only was Elger a strategic Lunar observation point and launch facility, but intel had reported that a significant command-and-control node was housed somewhere in the same network of tunnels. We believe we’ve struck a very heavy blow to their command structure.


“We now have squadrons located at Boen, Killian, and Adams stations, and deployed with the 2nd Fleet. All major Earth- and Solar-orbital installations are projected to get their own HAVE SHIVER defenses within the next five years, and the new carrier under construction at L3 was designed with HAVE SHIVER in mind. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the future.”

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Taken on July 1, 2012