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Furball! | by -Mainman-
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"Razor two, in left. Bandsaw, bogey-dope."

"Bandsaw, furball bullseye one-nine-zero, thirty-one, Razor one merged single, west arm!"

"Razor two, tally two, my nose four."

"Razor one, defensive...descending, flaring!"

"Razor two, Fox-two trailer, west arm, Fulcrum!"


I finally finished my forced perspective entry for the Military Group contest! I was worried I wouldn't make the deadline. I'm pretty sure I've never put in so much work for a single photograph.


I'll post a couple behind the scenes shots in a day or two. the background and cockpit won't stay built too long, so if you've got a request to see something, say so soon.


For anyone who's interested, the cockpit is somewhere around 1/2 scale (maybe a little smaller) and the F-15E and MiG-29 models are 1/100 scale (approx the same scale as my AWACS.)


The background is tilted slightly. I wanted it to look like our aircraft was turning, but I don't think I added enough of a slant to make it show very well. And I know it looks like he's aiming more at the other Eagle than the MiG. Unfortunately I placed the connection points before I figured out that's how it would turn out in the final frame. So, um, the pilot's still lining up his shot.


The flares are a couple of Exoforce fiber optic tubes with Lego light bricks on the far end. They worked out better than I expected - I love the lens flare I got with them. :D


Incidentally, with the exception of the HUD display photoshopped in, there's not a single non-Lego object in this photo

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Taken on May 30, 2010