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Tedious Descent

The world has moved on. The mountain remains.


16 October, 2017 – Day 154

Well, day one of my trek back to town is coming to an end. It snowed a tad this morning, but not enough to really make problems. What did slow me down was the damn sledge. It’s bulky and a little lopsided, and makes every bump a hassle. Much of the hike today covered ground I see regularly hunting, but with a pack on my back and a sledge behind me, the trip is much more cumbersome. All the ledges I can usually clamber up and down now force me to stop and lower the sledge on a rope. I’m glad I brought all the rope I did – gonna make sure and pick up a lot more in town too.

Anyway, enough writing for tonight. I’ve got to hang the bear bag up and hit the sack. I’m worn out.


Day one of the trek back to town for our lone survivor of the apocalypse. This is a follow-on to Autumn Solitude on the Mountainside.

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