Wimpel (Torah Binder) [2000.38.3] Germany, 1742

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    Wimpel for a child named David, son of Yosef (known as "Yoseleh"), born in 1742. The embroidered decorations include various flowers, a bird (shaping the letter “lamed” of the word, "yozeleh"), fish (above the word “adar,” between the words "mazalo" and "dagim," indicating the Zodiac sign of Pisces), a crown (between the words "keter" and "torah"); Hebrew letters lamed and qof are also embellished throughout. The Hebrew inscription can be translated as: "David son of Yosef known as Yoseleh – may he live for many long days – under a good sign on the morning of the fourth day [of the week], the 24th day of the first month of adar, [5]502 according [of the] minor era [Wednesday, February 28, 1742], may he grow to Torah, to "chuppah" [wedding canopy] and good deeds, amen selah"

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