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when I was flying home to Iceland for easter, I saw the smoke from the volcano from the plane


story of the photo:


The photo is taken at the end of March 2010. I lived in Denmark at the time and had decided to take a little trip home to Iceland for Easter break. The day before the trip I had been talking to my dad over emails and he suggested that I should ask for a window seat on the right side of the plane. He had heard that if you sat on that side you could get a view of the volcano. I'm always pretty nervous when flying alone but when I was checking in at the airport I asked with hesitation if I could get a window seat on the right. He said they were all already booked, pointed at the couple that just left the table and said that they had gotten the last ones. "This volcano is pretty popular huh?" he said, not seeming very interested. I guess it was because of the many delays they had had the past few days, because of this one volcano. I got a window seat on the left and wandered away from the check-in table, relieved to be free of carrying that enormously big and heavy suitcase of mine. When I got on the plane I was pretty tired. I put my earphones on and laid down for a rest. A few hours later I was woken up a bit surprised by someone poking my shoulder. It was the Danish couple that sat beside me. They pointed out the window next to me and informed me that the pilot had just announced to the passengers that the volcano eruption would be visible in a few moments, from the windows on the left side. By that time most of the passengers from the right had stood up from their seats and were bending over us on the left side, trying to see something out of the tiny windows. It was pretty chaotic at that moment, but I grabbed my camera from my bag and snapped some pictures of that smoke we saw, while we flew past it.

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Taken on March 31, 2010