• i have this exact book, same cover i mean on my bed side table. i tried reading it once but i couldn't get into - i found it pretty boring too ;p might try again one time xD - Beth Ellis

The Shining

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So I'm actually struggling to get through this, not because it's scary it's just...boring. I think I hyped it up soo much thinking it would be the scariest read on earth but it really isn't or at least not yet and I'm about 3/4 through.

I've read one other King book, one of his newish ones and it was so bizarre, it was called Lisey's Story. It had Lisey floating through these different realms of imagination but it just didn't make sense. Having said that though, King's non-fiction book "On Writing" was the most helpful book-about-writing I've ever come across. So that's a plus.

blah blah blah book ramble over.

Oh by the way this is what our room in NYC looks like!

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  1. *Elyse 58 months ago | reply


  2. HelloI'mJulia. 58 months ago | reply

    i love this! cute

  3. peejayk 58 months ago | reply

    Lovely shot!

  4. Tony cornish [deleted] 58 months ago | reply


  5. Alex's Little Bakery 58 months ago | reply

    One of my favourite films!

  6. Spirited Mick 58 months ago | reply

    Nice shot, stick with the book, it's worth it. If you want scary try John Conolly's charlie parker series.

  7. maggyvaneijk 58 months ago | reply

    @Spirited Mick, thanks for the reading tip!

  8. @PAkDocK / www.pakdock.com 58 months ago | reply

    Fantástica, perfecta, sencilla....maravillosa!!

  9. ismay.ozga 58 months ago | reply

    this is such a sweet picture! It's nice to see your room in NY, it looks cool :)

  10. maggyvaneijk 58 months ago | reply

    haha thanks, we got rid of a lot of incense, dust, dirty underpants and weed the guy had lying around.

  11. Estúdio Ilustrado 57 months ago | reply

    muito bom!
    adorei esta!

  12. DEE ^_^ [deleted] 38 months ago | reply

    i can recommend "the mist" too.. :)

  13. Verdades Ocultas 26 months ago | reply

    A great photo and a great book. :]

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