Ze birdies! I love my li'l fluffykins.

I got Sin, a cinnamon cockatiel, in Sept '01 when she was two weeks old. She's feisty and independent and thinks the world should love her. Of course it does. She's learned that she has me in the palm of her teeny foot, so now all she has to do is give me a LOOK or even a demanding chirp, and there I go giving her skritches. We read each other so well.

I got Peeps, a whiteface cockatiel, from the Humane Society around Aug '02. He wasn't hand-tamed and was afraid of everything. I hand-tamed and trained him, so while today he still doesn't like hands or fingers, he's very well-behaved and certainly isn't opposed to smooches. He still has his nervous moments but every time he discovers his lost childhood, my heart just melts.

Update: Sin passed away 30 Jan 2014: I got to hold her once before she went. It was still too, too short a time.
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