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    On Black

    Imagine there's no heaven,

    it's easy if you try,

    no hell below us,

    above us only sky.

    Imagine all the people,

    living for today.

    Imagine there's no countries,

    it isn't hard to do,

    nothing to kill or die for,

    and no religion too.

    Imagine all the people,

    living life in peace.

    You may say I'm a dreamer

    but I'm not the only one

    I hope some day you'll join us,

    and the world will be as one.

    Imagine no possesions,

    I wonder if you can,

    no need for greed or hunger,

    a brotherhood of man.

    Imagine all the people,

    sharing all the world you.

    You may say I'm a dreamer ...
    John Lennon

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    1. chokocat ages ago

      Speechless, but contemplating the message.
      Great pic

    2. madswisscow ages ago

      I spent a glorious 7 hours in Central Park yesterday. I took my godson to the zoo where we had a lot of fun watching the monkeys, penguins, the one polar bear out in the afternoon heat and many other animals doing their thing. We did everthing we take for granted on such a beautiful sunny day during vacation time.
      Crossing CP on my way home, I thought of Strawberry Fields.
      I stopped to take a few snaps. As always, fans had put down flowers for John.
      Looking at the photo on my computer screen late last night, the song and it's poignant lyrics came to mind AND how fortunate I am to have enjoyed this day in PEACE, without FEAR.

    3. theGolfer ages ago

      how wonderful it would be, to be a dreamer again.

    4. Dead Slow ages ago

      beautiful, gabriela.

      I hope you have a wonderful vacation in Switzerland.

    5. Janet Leadbeater ages ago

      wonderful and happy!
      i've never seen this before... what a wonderful thing.

      sounds like a lovely day together :)

    6. Donna Sullivan Thomson ages ago

      Beautiful and thought provoking shot and, of course, the lyrics seem to be even more important today. I do IMAGINE every day.

      Government Leaders! Religious Leaders! Leaders of Your Own Cause!.......I Ask You....

      Instant fav!

    7. madswisscow ages ago

      I so appreciate your visits and comments! Thank you all ! :-))

    8. lido_6006 ages ago

      This song has been a thought-provoking impulse for almost 35 years, yet the necessity to think about what people are ready 'to kill or die for' and why they are doing so was probably never more urgent than these days.
      Thanks for sharing this. Please post to the coexistence group.

    9. Marie-Josée Lévesque ages ago

      Thank you for posting this here....I was and still is a great fan
      of John Lennon. Peace!

    10. jacq77 [deleted] ages ago

      I just got the biggest shiver looking at this...Lennon was and is one of my most fav musicians... just gorgeous....damn....there's that shiver again!!!

    11. madswisscow ages ago

      Lido: ... better late than ...
      thanks for your comment and as you probably know, I added the pic weeks and weeks ago :-))

      You're welcoome gwen ! :-)

      Hi jacq, you obviousoly need to plan a visit ... ;-)

    12. Spector1 ages ago

      I hope today you'll join us at the Imagine Peace Pool

    13. madswisscow ages ago

      Thank you for the invitation Spector 1.
      I've gladly joined. Peace to the world.

    14. funkylukecosmicart [deleted] ages ago

      so sad and beautiful

    15. Hotash 119 months ago

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called One Million Peace Signs, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

    16. madswisscow 119 months ago

      Thanks hotash, I added it !

    17. madswisscow 119 months ago

      You're welcome *no bullshit* !

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