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MV-22B Osprey Work In Progress 30-11 | by Mad physicist
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MV-22B Osprey Work In Progress 30-11

This has been a long time in coming. I might build a car on a whim now and then, but most of my military stuff has to stew in my mind sometimes for as much as ten years for me to finally start building. It didn't take me that long to start on my Osprey, but it is something that I've been thinking about on and off for a few years at least.


As always, I start with the difficult bits. Usually that would be the nose, cockpit or undercarriage, but for the Osprey it's the wing. It is swept forward ever so slightly and has a little dihedral. I also want to have shaft running down its span to connect both props. There are some nice models of Osprey-like tilt rotors out there, but very few that actually look like the Ospreys that are actually in service, with the forward swept wing and the dihedral. I understand why!


At first I tried to get the angle by doing something complicated with wedge plates, as I did on my A-10, but with the weight of the engines that will eventually be mounted on the wingtips, I couldn't quite make it strong enough. Time for a re-think. Some pretty funky half-stud offsets (you haven't seen the bottom yet) have made this one reasonably strong and it is angled just about right.


The rest will be easy, I hope...

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Taken on October 30, 2011