• Only question, why red? - BrickinNick
  • I considered dark blue as an alternative, but had more parts in and plenty of the ones I've seen in London are actually red.
  • Dark red is probably better than regular red but it's not a big deal. - gambort
  • I think reddish brown would've looked best, because then it would look like rusted metal (sort of). - BrickinNick
  • How about a "max height" sign? - LostCarPark
  • Most of the ones in London are painted, so it could be whatever colour the council decide to make it, and red is pretty common. - LostCarPark
  • It needs it. the Routemaster wouldn't make it under that bridge. Trouble is, I've gone all anal and purist with this and have yet to find a suitable sticker.
  • Great that you added a Beetle, even in LEGO you captured the real distinctive shape. - christianwhitehead53
  • Thanks. My father used to have a Beetle like this for many years so it made for a nice addition.

Brickston Borough (1)

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Since more than two years I've been steadily expanding my collection of Cafe-Corner-Compatible British buildings. It all started with 'A Taste Of India', built for a competition organised by Brickish and I kept adding more. I displayed several of these buildings at the Great Western LEGO show in Swindon in 2008 as part of a larger collaborative layout. Obviously, with my return to the Netherlands in mid-last year, participating in collaborative British/Brickish displays has become much more difficult. This is why I decided to build everything I need for my own little layout, which I decided to call Brickston Borough (after the London neighbourhood of Brixton).

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  1. <samW> 93 months ago | reply

    A true masterpiece.

  2. Lego Jonny 93 months ago | reply

    Excellent work, Ralph. You could (almost) call it part of the set for Eastenders...and that is menat as a compliment! What are your plans for the railway line? Did you intend to extend it as part of a complete town/train layout?

  3. monstrophonic 93 months ago | reply

    Mooi! ga zo door....

  4. Tavernellos 93 months ago | reply

    It's simply amazing! All details are perfect from buildings to street and veichles!

  5. bricksonwheels 93 months ago | reply

    Great work Ralph. Everytime I am in the UK i go to one of these Indian restaurants... really nice! This layout is just amazing!

  6. Mad physicist 93 months ago | reply

    Thanks guys.

    Lego Jonny
    I have no intention of running the train on a layout. It isn't powered and the length (about 60 studs) and width (8 studs) of the coaches makes running it on regular radius curves practically impossible. I'm no train builder, really, and used the old rails I still had from my childhood for this. The other train bits came from an Emerald Night that I bought mainly for all the other parts on it. The train was built to just sit there and look pretty.

    So do I. I was in the UK for about 6 days last week and managed to eat curry twice!

  7. LegOscar 93 months ago | reply

    Really nice, I always love the situations going on in your street scenes.

  8. Mr. Tomato Bread 93 months ago | reply

    I like how the viaduct and the road gives depth to the display.
    Are those brick build roads also modular?

  9. Jared Chan 93 months ago | reply

    Awesome! I am speechless...The buildings are great and the vehicles are very detailed and accurate. I can feel the atmosphere of London! Very well done!

  10. TCHe 93 months ago | reply

    A week with a dead internet connection and I’m missing out on this!
    It’s beautiful, Ralph!

  11. Mad physicist 93 months ago | reply

    Thanks guys.

    Vincent Kessels
    Yes. The road mostly consists of 32-stud long segments held together with technic pins.

  12. P E U F 93 months ago | reply

    Dreaming of a big lego collection... Very nice !

  13. commander Bobby 93 months ago | reply

    you should turn it into post apoc :D

  14. Mad physicist 93 months ago | reply

    Pierre-Félix So
    Thank you. I haven't got a clue how many parts are in this, but probably quite a lot.

    commander Bobby
    Some parts of London actually look as though the apocalypse has already taken place ;-)

    Larry Pieniazek
    Thank you. Much appreciated.

  15. commander Bobby 93 months ago | reply

    if you have the time could you get some pictures of the london apocolypse XD

  16. martiger 92 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called LEGO FOTO, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  17. Broseph17 59 months ago | reply

    im trying to do something like this using specifically the cafe corner, fire brigade, green grocer models as references. so far i have the green grocer, the grand emporium, cafe corner, fire brigade, pet shop, and have started a movie theatre (which is about 42 studs wide), a coffee shop, a police station, and a garage. Are there any tips you could give me? im looking to make this thing pretty damn big but the only problem is i dont know how big i want to make it

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