'51 Mercury lead sled (1)

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    This is my second entry for this month's LUGNuts challenge, I wannabe like you. With this model I tried to honour Lino Martins, LEGO hotrod builder extraordinaire.

    Normally I build cars that look as though they just came out of the factory. Lino picked up on that with one of his entries which he uploaded yesterday. I quote from his description:
    "Resisting my urges to drop the suspension, chop the roof, outsize the engine and give the whole thing an obnoxious flaming paint job, I instead went purely factory equipped...or “bog standard” as Ralph would say."

    I was already building my car when I read this, so I'm pleased to be able to write that I did all of that: its top has been chopped, the suspension has been slammed and I gave it the world's most obnoxious flame job. Whilst building this I had a few moments where I felt that it was getting a bit too ridiculous, but knowing Lino's flair for colourful custom cars that probably meant I was on the right track. This build was great fun.

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    1. Mad physicist 82 months ago | reply

      Thanks guys. Somehow lime green and black seemed like a good idea for this sort of thing. I'm not really into hot rods, but reading your comments and the fun I had building this makes me think I ought to build a few more sometime.

    2. NB - Photography 82 months ago | reply

      Awesome job Ralph! Lovin' the construction technique on the front fascia! Looks great with the green as well!

      I am just starting to get back into building, my last project was the fire pumper that I had posted on MOC pages ages ago, this may have pushed me into a new project! : )

      Take care Ralph!


    3. ted @ndes 82 months ago | reply

      Sweet ride!

    4. Lino M 82 months ago | reply

      Ralph, you know your way into my heart...and my multiple faved list! This has everything I love in a car...a chopped, slammed lead sled with an obnoxious flame job. And I have a formula that I never told anyone; Black + Green = Awesome! Its amazing you keyed in on that as I've never had the chance to build anything with that color combination. Stunning from every angle! This made my entire week, buddy!

    5. Eleven-Thirty-Eight 82 months ago | reply

      The flames are great.

    6. Rolling bricks 82 months ago | reply

      Breath-taking Hotrod!Very complex design with great results.My favourite detail is the front windshield.I think this car is one of your best.
      I can't wait your next work!

    7. J0n4th4n D3rk53n 82 months ago | reply

      Holy sh***! In a good way. :D

    8. kin.leg◎ 82 months ago | reply

      Ohh... thats rare to see modified car from Ralph. However, it is just as awesome as your other car. Great work with the flame paint job, the low ride height, as well as the front grille. AWESOME!

    9. Mad physicist 82 months ago | reply

      Thanks for the comments guys.

      Nathan Bigelow
      I'm pretty sure I saw your pumper truck on MOCpages ages ago. I'm glad you like my hot rod and I'm glad to see you on flickr.

      Lino Martins
      As you know, I'm not really a fan of custom cars. The ones I used to see on TV (on various shows on the Discovery channel or MTV) generally struck me as incredibly tacky. Since I joined LUGNuts I've seen some very nice LEGO models of custom cars and whilst researching various builds I have also seen far more pictures of custom cars. I do like the 'lead sled' style. If done well it's pretty classy and sleek. I remember we had a discussion about lead sleds a few months ago and I know you liked the Plymouth Rock I built with Ed. Somehow building this seemed obvious. I am very happy that I seem to have hit the bullseye.

    10. Firas Abu-Jaber 82 months ago | reply

      This is one of your best my friend, I really love it, looks way bigger from the thumbs, also looks like one of Lino's models; this means you've done the job in the right way, I "SO" wanted to enter this great challenge but unfortunately I didn't have the time with my new job. Any way great work.

    11. Dornbi 82 months ago | reply

      This car is so nice I actually have the desire to have it :) First question to Mad Physicist - would you be comfortable with the idea of me trying to create replicas of your model? (I understand that there is a >99% chance that I will fail.)

    12. Mad physicist 82 months ago | reply

      Firas Abu-Jaber
      Thanks Firas, This challenge has been a lot of fun, but I already figured you were pretty busy doing something else. I hope you're enjoying your new job.

      Thank you. Of course I wouldn't mind you taking a crack at building one yourself. Have fun!

    13. Dornbi 82 months ago | reply

      Hi Ralph - I have progressed with the reverse engineering. If you are interested, take a look at: www.bricksngears.com/2009/12/lead-sled-reverse-engineer.html

      I am amazed on some solutions and I am pretty sure I could not get everything right. And of course some parts are not available in LDD - I have either approximated them with something else or they are missing.

    14. Dornbi 82 months ago | reply

      Thank you for the encouraging comments on the blog. If you are interested, I am happy to share the LDD file too.

    15. Dornbi 80 months ago | reply

      Hi Ralph,

      I have posted my experience about building a replica if you are interested: www.bricksngears.com/2010/02/almost-lead-sled.html

      Also, I would like to get permission to try to reverse engineer more models. In particular, may I:
      - publish an LDD model on the site (and the sister site kockak.hu)?
      - publish photos of the real and the LDD models on the site?



    16. Mad physicist 80 months ago | reply

      Thanks Peter. I see you had a few problems with the construction of the front. As I was taking pictures anyway and had the model handy, I have taken two pictures to help you out.

      I am flattered that you're interested in building replicas of some of my models, so of course you have my permission to do that and post the results on your blog. I really appreciate that you ask and that you post links to the originals. If there is anything I can help you with, send me a flickr mail or comment on one of the pictures. If I have a particular model handy (some of them are in storage at the moment) I can always take a picture to show you how I've done something.

    17. Dornbi 80 months ago | reply

      Thanks for the tips! They should be more than enough to fix all the issues I have listed.

      The approach I use is try to recreate the models in LDD first, because even though it lacks some parts and colors I never run out of bricks. I have plenty of real bricks but not nearly as many as you have :)

      I have already made progress with the Testarossa, thanks again to your photos about the internal details. The only part I could not find good photos about is how the interior of the front bay looks like, but I think it is probably not terribly important for the overall looks and the functionality of the model.

    18. carlos2448 [deleted] 70 months ago | reply

      nice decals

    19. Mad physicist 70 months ago | reply

      Excuse me? There are no decals on this. The patterns are all built using different colours of LEGO plates.

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