• Mum, where is my school bag? - kin.leg◎
  • his face needs to be frustrated right?i mean its a bus full of kids. - K. Jewell
  • Since there aren't any kids in the bus, the one standing next to him is the last passenger of the day. He's obviously looking forward to going home ;-)
  • I don't know son. - Justin. Z ★
  • But I have a test today and need my notes! - Justin. Z ★
  • (mom thinks) well just **** you, son **** you!
    I thought bringing you to this world was enough, but no mister "ungrateful" here wants his room getting cleaned up, his dinner being served, his hat getting payed and how he wants me too hind his bag!!! just screw you!

    (mom sais) here's your back dear son scre love you! - Dutch Bricks

American School bus (2)

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The door required some improvisation. Most school buses that I am aware of have two-piece folding doors. With a door that is just two studs wide, this is very hard to achieve. I chose on of my norming sliding/hinging arrangements. The rear-view mirror meant the door had to hinge at the back.

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  1. Tim Ltd 69 months ago | reply

    It looks good with Black windows.

    Great build all round. Great SNOT work on the front and for the door.

  2. Doctor Sinister 69 months ago | reply

    Beautiful work.

    Dr. S.

  3. LouiseDade 69 months ago | reply

    Lovely. I can't help feeling the driver should have long black hair, ala Otto!

  4. Mdrn~Mrvls 69 months ago | reply

    Gosh, it makes me want to overhaul my own school bus, but there's no point! Half these pieces I don't even have...

    Once again, awesome! Did you want the doors to be two separate doors that swing open or was this on the model you were looking at?

  5. Thomas LMC 69 months ago | reply

    Nice work on the door. That kid just look like a gorilla. xD

  6. Mad physicist 69 months ago | reply

    Thanks Tim. The black frames look OK I suppose, but I'm still curious to see what it would look like with yellow frames. The front end was by far the most difficult bit. I didn't want it to be too long, which caused issues with the mudguard. The profiled tyre I put on it at first rubbed against the mudguards, which is why I replaced it by an older slick tyre.

    Thanks guys.

    The thought certainly crossed my mind, but I'm running low on minifig parts (most are already in The Netherlands) and couldn't find any black hair.

    I would have preferred two halves (and I know your bus has them), but I didn't want any gaps and on a two stud wide door it wasn't really feasible.

    What can I say, he's American ;-)

  7. Mdrn~Mrvls 69 months ago | reply

    I could understand that. You did a great job with it anyway.

  8. Obxcrew [deleted] 69 months ago | reply

    This is absolutely fantastic! The rear view mirrors, wheel wells, and doors are all exceptional.

  9. nolnet 69 months ago | reply

    Very good indeed. Love the way you did the a-pillars and mirrors.

  10. diegoboy 69 months ago | reply

    Great job on this. Now turn it in an apoc vehicle! :)

  11. Aleksander Stein 69 months ago | reply

    Brilliant work - I love the whole thing. The shaping of this is very neat, just about everything is spot-on American school bus - you've certainly done your homework :)

  12. Mad physicist 69 months ago | reply

    Thanks for the comments guys.

  13. Lino M 69 months ago | reply

    Ahhh, the American school bus brings back such fond...and occasionally not so fond memories. Excellent work on this, Ralph. There are so many very advanced techniques crammed into this little space.

  14. Mad physicist 69 months ago | reply

    Thanks Lino. I've never been a passenger on one of these. When I went to school I always lived so close that I would either walk or cycle to get there. Of course, I've seen plenty of them in American movies and TV series and have seen them in real life on my visits to the US. Somehow I suspect that most of them smell like old shoes or industrial strength cleaning products. Am I right?

  15. Lino M 69 months ago | reply

    No, actually they didn't smell bad at all...not in my experience anyway. However, I can tell you there was a pecking order as to where you were supposed to sit. The coolest of kids got the rear seats and the nerdy kids had to sit up front. Once the cool kids were dropped off, I got to move to the back. The part behind the rear tires can be a fun, bumpy ride. Going over a bump and if you're light enough you could go air born. The drivers were always just on the edge of polite society...Otto is a correct representation of an average school bus driver. Most were inarticulate veterans, hippies or very butch women. They're always threatening to turn the bus back to school if we don't shut our goddamned mouths for once...and occasionally they did. Hope this puts into perspective what its like to be an American kid going to school. Not really the American Dream you've heard so much about.

  16. Mad physicist 69 months ago | reply

    Having visited the US on two occasions I am well aware that the American dream you see on TV is an illusion, although many of my preconceptions (both good and bad) about the USA were definitely confirmed.
    Pecking orders are common wherever you are and being skinny, brainy and bad at sports and wearing glasses (that would have been me) will put you at the bottom of the order in any country. 'nuff said. I can imagine the ride in the rear being quite exciting with the huge overhang on these babies.

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