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Life at Sibbald Meadows Pond

Sibbald Meadows Pond is chock-full of life. The pond itself breathes: silver flashes of trout jump right out of the water to snag low-flying insects and plop back into the water; dragonflies constantly patrol the reeds along the water's edge; frogs hop about fringe grasses; butterflies flutter and glide all about the pond and the adjoining meadows; bees and hoverflies buzz in the flowers; a resident muskrat swims to and fro across the entire pond many times a day; squirrels chirp and scamper about the trees next to the pond, busily collecting pine cones; and one day we were delighted when a surprise visitor showed up at the pond.


This little video is a collaborative effort with my partner. All the video footage was taken by him over several visits to Sibbald Meadows Pond. I did all the grunt work of uploading and sorting through hours of footage to select the best bits. We did all the draft editing together and my partner did all the fine-tuning and rendering. More importantly, I made the homemade rhubarb cake with streusel topping for the picnic basket.


A note on the technical aspects: I have not been pleased with the quality of my last few video uploads to Flickr. After rendering, they looked fantastic and played beautifully in full high-definition on our computer monitor, but once they were uploaded to Flickr they looked terrible. Something about Flickr's processing of the video was degrading the video quality. I admit, I know nothing about rendering settings and rely solely on my partner's knowledge. He has since figured out some new settings that seem to be more compatible with Flickr and this video is of better quality. The difference seems to be shooting, editing and rendering in progressive mode (as opposed to interlaced).


Shot in full high-definition 1920 x 1080 at 24 fps (23.96 fps) progressive (true 24P) with a Canon Vixia HF G10. Rendered in Vegas Video to Windows Media HD 720-24p (1280 x 720) at 10Mbps.

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Taken on September 11, 2012