1937 Madison Central High School Yearbook
During the 1930s, publication of the Tychoberahn yearbook was suspended. These were the years of the Great Depression and money and resources were not available to publish a hardbound yearbook of more than 100 pages, as had been done in the 1920s.

The yearbooks from the 1930s have stiff paper covers and a limited number of pages, which are stapled together, not bound. The yearbooks from this era are called "The Orange and Black," a reference to the school colors.

This forty images in this set represent the entire contents of the yearbook -- from front cover to back cover.

If you can provide any information about the people who appear in this yearbook, please send an e-mail.

This set represents an experiment in trying to disseminate information about Madison Central High School and is part of a project to record a write a history of the high school. For more information about the history of Madison Central High School, visit its history blog:


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