It Will Take More Than an Etch-A-Sketch to Make Mitt's Problems with Women Go Away

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    This was the scene in Fitchburg, WI Saturday when Mitt Romney came to town to campaign with Rep. Paul Ryan. But Romney's problems with women extend far beyond the liberal enclave of the Madison area. Since the war on women has heated up, Romney's 48% to 46% lead over Pres. Obama in the Gallup Poll of 12 swing states has evaporated. The President now leads Romney, 51% to 42%, among all registered voters. Among women, Obama has opened up a 54% to 36% lead.

    1. Alesian 35 months ago | reply

      Hilary Rosen made Mitt's faux problem with women go away. THANKS Hilary!!! By the way, your poll numbers are WAY out of date.... With Santorum out of the race (who really was the person women had problems with), Romney is leading Obama in the latest polls.

    2. wwenona1954 34 months ago | reply

      Romney will dismantle Social Security and Medicare and crush the seniors while making his rich friends even richer....This guy is as fake as a 3 dollar bill. Romney doesnt care about the poor,he actually said that !! Rosen hit the nail on the head, Ann Romney never mopped a floor, changed a diaper or washed the dishes,she had her butlers,maids,chaffuers,and nannies doing all her work....her 5 kids never enlisted in the armed forces.....all cowards..cant die for your country when daddy has all that money in the bank !

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