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The Fireball That Wasn't -- This Time | by Madison Guy
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The Fireball That Wasn't -- This Time

I saw some white scratches on the side of a dark blue minivan yesterday that reminded me of meteors streaking across the night sky, so I took some photos. This one looked as if it could use a bit of enhancing. So I enhanced. And enhanced. Didn't know where to stop.


The resulting fireball was probably inspired by the news Monday that a small asteroid just missed the earth by a cosmically insignificant 40,000 miles or so. It was in about the same size range as the one that exploded over Tunguska, Siberia in 1908. That one resulted in a 10-15-megaton upper atmosphere blast that leveled all the trees over an 800-square-mile area. See simulation.


I don't lose a lot of sleep over asteroid strikes, though one on that scale happens about once every hundred years, but I do wish that more of the technological ingenuity we devote to finding ever more efficient and high-tech ways of killing other humans could be devoted to defnding against these nonhuman killers.

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Taken on March 3, 2009