I made a diagram about my crocheting in the last 3 Month.

You can see:
1. how long I crocheted on each day and how long each item was crocheted
2. how long each item was on etsy and on what day it was sold
3. in which city the item was shipped

More information in etsy storque article:

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  1. Tree Parlor 115 months ago | reply

    Jiminy Crickets,that's amazing!

  2. dandy bread and candy 115 months ago | reply

    Knocked my socks off!

  3. Kultur* 115 months ago | reply

    It's beautiful information design. Tufte would be proud. :)

  4. pencil+ 115 months ago | reply

    Great chart!!!

  5. AlexDbk 110 months ago | reply

    beautiful, but it's hard to trace where each thing got

  6. ulaniulani 110 months ago | reply

    may be I should do the names of the cities bigger ...

  7. AlexDbk 110 months ago | reply

    No, that's not an issue. It's hard to follow the lines from top to bottom. How big did you intend this image to be? Like poster-size? Or is it for web?

  8. ulaniulani 110 months ago | reply

    it is 120cmx180cm.

  9. AlexDbk 110 months ago | reply

    madame_ulani, nevermind my first comment then :)

  10. ulaniulani 107 months ago | reply

    cool, danke für die info )

  11. Jitter Buffer 106 months ago | reply

    madame_ulani wrote

    oh, danke ))

    hej keine ursache ich blog gerne schoene dinge

  12. argyle plaids 103 months ago | reply

    really awesome.

  13. bredlo 84 months ago | reply

    Showing up late, but was googling great infographic design.. and yours popped up.
    Just beautiful and so clean - I love it!

  14. ulaniulani 84 months ago | reply

    Brad Cornelius cool ^^ thank you
    and what words did you wrote in google?

  15. bredlo 84 months ago | reply

    Thinking more, it wasn't directly from Google - it was one of the other images similar to this, at the Information is Beautiful blog.

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